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Sony VPL-XW7000ES 4K HDR 3200 Lumen Laser Home Theater Projector

Sony VPL-XW7000ES 4K HDR 3200 Lumen Laser Home Theater Projector

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Sony VPL-XW7000ES 4K HDR 3200 Lumen Laser Home Theater Projector

Equipped with a 3,200-lumen laser light source, the VPL-XW7000ES brings you an immersive viewing experience and strikingly clear 4K HDR images, even in well-lit spaces. Sony’s newly developed technologies, including the all-new Native 4K SXRD panel, deliver wide dynamic range, high resolution, and vivid colors, in a compact design that's perfect for your client’s home.

3,200-Lumen Laser Light Source

Immerse your customers in the action with brighter, bolder entertainment. The VPL-XW7000ES is 60% brighter than the VPL-VW915ES, engineered with the newly developed Native 4K SXRD™ (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) panel and Wide Dynamic Range Optics. It delivers 200 nits on a 150-inch screen—bringing you a truly immersive experience.

Enduring Brightness from a Laser Light Source

Your clients will never have to worry about changing the lamp in their home cinema projector—no lamp replacement and virtually no maintenance are required. The VPL-XW7000ES uses an ultra-pure and reliable laser light source, which lets them enjoy perfectly clear 4K pictures at optimal brightness for up to 20,000 uninterrupted hours.

Flagship-level X1™ Ultimate for Projector

X1 Ultimate for projector optimizes the acclaimed BRAVIA TV video processing for projection. The incredible power of this video engine enables advanced data processing, with real-time enhancement of each on-screen object. The result is high dynamic range imagery with texture, color, contrast and realism never before available to home cinema.

All-New Native 4K SXRD Panel

Immerse your clients in an incredibly lifelike picture with native 4K that offers 8.3 million pixels (3,840 x 2,160). With an all-new 0.61-inch SXRD panel, they’ll enjoy high brightness, inky blacks, vibrant colors, rich tones and textures, plus clear cinematic motion, and image smoothness.

True-to-Life Colors with TRILUMINOS PRO™

See over a billion colors come to life with TRILUMINOS PRO. Sony’s unique TRILUMINOS PRO algorithm can detect color from saturation, hue and brightness to reproduce natural shades in every detail. Your customers will enjoy colors that are closer to those seen in the real world.

Incredibly Compact Native 4K Laser Projector

Sony has designed the VPL-XW7000ES to be even smaller and lighter than its predecessors by developing the all-new native 4K SXRD panel and compact Wide Dynamic Range Optics. This laser projector is about 20% smaller in volume and about 30% lighter than the VPL-VW915ES—with a new modern exterior designed to blend into any room.

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